Albert Alchemy
Circus Skills Performer, Stilt Walker, Juggler, Unicyclist, Diablo, Circus Workshops, Balloon Entertainer
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Albert Alchemy is an all round circus skilled performer
Entertainer in Lincolnshire 
 Equity Member
Albert Alchemy has been an all round Entertainer for many a year.  Performing all round the UK at a variety of indoor and outdoor events.  Albert can perform as a walkabout juggler, in characters of your choice, or as a street  or small arena entertainer.  Characters include Court Jester, Fool, Victorian Gent etc.  He also performs as Fire Eater and, table hopping Magician and more.... 
Medieval Fool
Medieval fool
The Houdini Experience
'The Houdini Experience'
The Jester Fool Madness Show
- with Tom Fool the Jester consists of a range of childrens' entertainments including Story Telling, Plate-Spinning, Plastic Axe Juggling and more..... 
Tom Fool has been seen by HRH Queen Elizabeth herself !
The show lasts for 25 mins per show, is perfect for younger children and is suitable for Shopping Centres, Castles, Summer Shows, Market Days, Town Squares, Pedestrianised Areas, Festivals, Parks and Play Schemes
(A few items may change subject to weather conditions)
Norris Eyren's Stocks'n'Socks
- Oh the sock sniffing... it gets a definite tick in my book.  It's funny, silly and a great audience puller and pleaser.
Albert plays a medieval fool "Norris Eyren" or Norris Egg to you & me.  He's a strange but likeable fool wearing his traditional peasant fool clothing.  He juggles baskets with bells, eggs and five balls backwards.
There's plenty of audience participation and lots of laughter.  A family show, well accepted and enjoyed nationally with all cultures and nationalityes lasting from 25 - 30 mins.
Oh I haven't mentioned the arm chopping, sword on dagger balancing or bugle blowing.  Oh and there's a little bit of bribery through in for good measure.
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