Stage Hypnotists

Comedy stage hypnotist shows* last from between an hour and three hours and are available for private parties, hotels, theatres, corporate events all over the UK**
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Alan Bates
Alistair Martin
Patrick Charles
Robert Temple
Alan Bates Stage Hypnotist Merseyside  Alistair Martin Stage Hypnotist Sussed   Patrick Charles International Stage Hypnotist South Yorkshire   Robert Temple Stage Hypnotist
Ash Arnold
Chris James
South England
David Knight
Ash Arnold Stage Hypnotist Northumberland   Chris James Stage Hypnotist Southern England   David Knight Stage Hypnotist North Yorkshire
Miles England
Miles England Stage Hypnotist Teesside

         Alan Bates - Stage Hypnotist (based in Merseryside travels nationwide)

    Alistair Martin - The Mind Enforcer - Comedy Hypnotist (based in Sussex)
      Ash Arnold - Comedy Stage Hypnotist & Close up Magician (based in Northumberland)

         Chris James - The Hypnotic Stage Show is without doubt one of the most talked about show any event.  Guaranteed to become the highlight of the entertainment programme year after year.  Stage Hypnosis at its Best!  No two shows are ever the same (travels nationwide)

         David Knight - Stage Hypnotist (based in North Yorkshire travels nationwide)

         Ian Smith - Stage Hypnotist (based in Strathclyde)

         James Smart - Stage Hypnotist (based in Strathclyde)

         Miles England - Stage Hypnotist based (in Teesside travels nationwide)

         Mike Stevens - Stage Hypnotist (based in Teesside)

    Patrick Charles - International Comedy Stage Hypnotist (based in S.Yorks)

         Rob Evans - Stage Hypnotist (based in North Yorkshire)

         Robert Temple - Stage Hypnotist (based in South Yorkshire travels nationwide)

         Scott Thomas - Stage Hypnotist (based in West Midlands)

         Tony Sands - Stage Hypnotist (based in Tyne & Wear travels nationwide)

May 2014
Entertainers for hire - Stage Hypnotists
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* Participants must be at least 18yrs
** Filming of any hypnotic show may only be carried out with written permission of the hypnotist concerned.