Unicyclists & Jugglers available for hire
Unicycling uses muscles you didn't even realise you had! The skills of a unicyclist require balance and co ordination that only comes from hours upon hours of practice.  Add to that the juggling aspect that we often require a unicyclist to do, and you have an amazing entertainer!
Unicycles can be as tall as 6-8ft or as small as 12inches, but whatever size that's ridden by our performers, you can be sure, they've put a lot of work into bringing you a great performance!
Costumes can be themed to suit most events.
Check out just a few of our Unicycling Entertainers below:
Nathan White
Tyne & Wear
Unicyclist & Juggler Nathan White Tyne & Wear
Bo Clown
Tyne & Wear
Unicyclist Bo Clown Tyne & Wear
Tom Rolfe
Unicyclist & Juggler Tom Rolfe Teesside
Trudi Patient
S Yorks
Unicyclist & Juggler Trudi Patient South Yorkshire
Mini Mansell
S Yorks
Unicyclist & Juggler Mini Mansell South Yorkshire
Richard Gillet
S Yorks
Unicyclist & Juggler Richard Gillet South Yorkshire
Thomas Trilby
Unicyclist & Juggler Thomas Trilby  Gloucestershire
Tim Byrom
S Yorks
Unicyclist & Juggler Tim Byrom South Yorkshire
Zaz the Clown
Matthew Indge as Zaz the Clown Unicyclist Sussex