Frayed Knot Circus
with Edd Muir
Circus Skill Performer, Chinese Pole, Aerial & Wire, Trapeze, Hoops & Loops, Tightwire, Stilt Walker, Juggler, Fire, Acrobat, Acrobalance
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Entertainer in Merseyside 
Equity Member
Edd Muir is a great Entertainer, with multiple skills to his bow. He can bring you Stilt Walking, Circus Skills, Aerial and Wire walking, Trapeze, Hoops, Silks, Juggling and Acrobatic / Acrobalance routines, but he is especially known for his work on the Chinese Pole.
Having studied in the Chinese Technique under awared winning tutor Guo Tao for two years; Edd developed his own style of the Chinese Pole. A style that combines tradition with his love for comedy and pastiche. Edd  can customise and create a Chinese Pole act for your own specific event. Characters such as:
Mr Cellophane
- is a 3 mins performance ideally suited for all ages. Based on the character from 'Chicago'. Edd explores the heartbroken feeling of always being invisible in a crowd. Performing acrobatic stunts to gain attention, hat tricks to astound and physical comedy, the act has headlined various festivals and events. Watch Video
Private Muir
- a Royal Signaller of the British Armed Forces approaches the flag pole. He begins his ascent only to discover this really isn't the job for him, finding a pair of aviators in his pocket, the music changes... will he compete to the 'Top Gun' or does his true allegience simply lie underneath? Suitable for both adult and younger audiences, this act has two version depending on the event... Watch Video
Diet Coke Man
- created for the cabaret and burlesque scene, Edd makes fun of the classic Coke advert. A 50's style labourer begins work on fixing a pole only to become far too hot to continue... opening a can of soda drink only adds to the fun... Headling act at several events including Cabaret Excentrique, this act has been stage invaded and is guaranteed to get the audience involved. This act is suitable for ages 16+ Watch Video
Gentleman on Stilts                                Fakir / Body Burner
Chinese Pole Entertainer for hire
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