Alan Myatt
Town Crier, Toastmaster and Themed Character Actor
Alan Myatt Themed Characters
Walkabout Characters by Alan Myatt of Gloucestershire
Alan Myatt is one of Britain's most unrecognised yet best loved Themed Character Actors. 
You'll have seen him everywhere, but not realised it! 
Alan can be seen as Town Crier to the City of London's world-famous Stables Market and Covent Garden, He's been a look-a-like for Hagrid from Harry Potter, Shrek the Ogre plus many more (see pics below).
If given sufficient notice Alan will also create a bespoke character to suit your requirements.
So whatever your planning, whatever your event, make it truly memorable and book Alan Myatt 
Characters include:
Admiral Nelson - Historical Figure, Yoeman of the Guard/Beefeater, Captain Mannering - Dad's Army
Admiral Nelson by Alan Myatt     Yeoman of the Guard / Beefeater Historical figure by Alan Myatt     Captian Mannering from Dad's Army by Alan Myatt     Dr Watson from the Sherlock Holmes Books by Alan Myatt
Easter Rabbit, Humpty Dumpty, John Bull - the British Bull Dog, King Henry VIII - Historical Figure
Easter Bunny, Easter Rabbit, White Rabbit, by Alan Myatt     Humpty Dumpty or Easter Egg Head by Alan Myatt Gloucester     John Bull the British Bull Dog by Alan Myatt Gloucester     King Henry VIII Historical Figure by Alan Myatt Gloucester
Ring Master, Shrek, Toastmaster, Sergeant Barker
Ring Master by Alan Myatt Gloucester     Shrek Walkabout Character by Alan Myatt Gloucester     Toast Master Host Compere by Alan Myatt Gloucestershire    Sgt Barker by Alan Myatt Gloucester
Victorian Policeman
 Victorian Policeman by Alan Myatt Gloucester
Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Court Jester - Historical Figure, Cupid
Captain Hook Character from Peter Pan by Alan Myatt Gloucester     Court Jester - Historical Figure by Alan Myatt Gloucester     Cupid by Alan Myatt Gloucester
Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine, Hagrid from Harry Potter
Fat Controller by Alan Myatt Gloucester     Father Christmas aka Santa Claus, Kris Kringle by Alan Myatt Gloucester     Hagrid lookalike from Harry Potter by Alan Myatt Gloucester

Captain Blackbeard the Pirate

The Penguin from Batman

Seaside man with Boater

St George

and many more...