James 'Flash' Hudson
Comedy Magician
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Entertainer in Tyne & Wear

FLASH Comedy and Magic
Flash is a funny Close up and Stage Magician who has a slick style of performing magic in a friendly and entertaining manner.  All of the magic is performed with a humourous edge but the emphasis is still on the magic.  You can view the video by clicking here clicking here to see Flash in action, as well as his appearance on Simon Cowell's Britains Got Talent.

and now a few words from Flash...


"I have five years experience as a working professional and prior to that I always had a love for amazing family and friends using everything from cards, coins, cigarettes and rope.
I perform two types of magic...
Close up Magic - This is probably the most popular type of magic today.
People always tell me that they see magic on the TV, they always thing that if they were actually there they would be able to see how it's done, and this is probably why, when they see close up magic, it hits them so hard as it catches them completely off guard.
Close up magic is also very versatile because it can be performed almost anywhere.  Whether it's for a dinner party, a wedding or a corporate function... if you guests are sitting or standing, in all situations... I can perform magic.
Stage Magic - Classic magic
The other type of magic I do is stage magic. I perform silent magic to music which has a visual comedy element.
The show can last anything up to 40 mins (as required) and is a good option if there are a large number of guests at your event as it is not always possible for me to see everyone if I am doing a close up magic for small groups of people.

Both types of show are clean family entertainment, enjoyable for adults & children alike!

Children's Parties

My children's magic show is fully interactive, meaning that the children don't just sit and watch the show, they actually take part in it.

They themselves make the magic happen; they say the magic words and they are the stars of the show!

As with all of my shows, the format is 'fast paced, visual and funny' and the kids will constantly be laughing and shouting out. There are no long-winded, drawn out magic tricks in my shows. It's action for every minute.

All the children take part in the show, but a select few will get the chance to come up on stage, be the star and win a prize.

My aim with the show is that, by the end, the children will feel a sense of achievement, that they have made real magic happen and had loads of fun doing it.

My kids shows are suitable for ages 4 and up..."


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