Electric Cabaret
aka Mr Maxwell Chance
Clock Face as seen on TV
Entertainer in Northamptonshire
Equity Member
Electric Cabaret provides fabulous theatre, refreshing and unusual entertainment, surreal happenings, issue awareness, theatrical solutions for businesses.
From mime artists to human living statues. Their performances aim to encapsulate and convey the leap of the imagination that is inherent in good expansive theatre, where literal is exchanged for abstract and concepts reign.
Electric Cabaret has 20+ years experience of delivering local, national and international theatre.
Street Theatre
Electric Cabaret specialises in the practical applications of Mime, Clown, Living Statue, Stilt walking, Theatrical Characters, Bespoke Performances and the blend of these disciplines.
Their understanding of the solo and ensemble possibilities of physical theatre has led them to providing fabulous entertainment to some of the most prestigious events in Great Britain, Europe and beyond. 
Winners of the 2010 UK National Street Theatre competition. 
Types of Characters:
Alien Walkabouts, Stilt Walking Chef, Stilt Walking Explorer & Monkey Walkabout, Medieval Bard 
Alien walkabouts by Electric Cabaret     Chef on stilts by Electric Cabaret     Explorer & Monkey walkabouts by Electric Cabaret     Medieval Bard by Electric Cabaret 
John Bull Stilt Walker, Charlie Chaplin Mime Artistes, Blue Genie Statue
John Bull Stilt Walker by Electric Cabaret Charlie Chaplin Mime Artistes by Electric Cabaret Blue Genie Statue by Electric Cabaret

Witch Finder General         

    Santa got stuck up a chimney

Witch Finder General walkabout by Electric Cabaret              Santa's stuck up the Chimney by Electric Cabaret
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Member of Equiry