Silver Belle
Aerial Artiste: Aerial Hoop, Aerial Rope (Corde Lisse), Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Circus Workshops, Adagio (Acrobalance), Fire Performer, Juggler, Dancer
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Sarah Wallace Aerial Act

Entertainers in South Yorkshire 
Equity Member
Silver Belle is an aerialist, adagio acrobat and juggler who delights crowds with her graceful movement and seamless choreography. She has entertained at an array of cabarets, corporate parties, weddings and festivals for international and UK clients such as PricewatershouseCoopers, Deershed Festival and KinderZirkus Wannabe.  The skills Silver Belle can offer include: 
Aerial hoop
- Various 5-6 minute acts available such as 'Trick of the Night', a mysterious and dynamic act choreographed to The Matrix theme song and 'Storm in a Teacup', a playful act inspired by Alice in Wonderland's Tea Party.  It's the tea party (cupcakes included) until a storm brings about a rather unusual turn of events... a hoop routine involving spins, drops and classical balletic movement. 
Rigging requirements: 1 x secure point tested to 500kg
Doubles Aerial hoop
- A 5 minute female / female masquerade ball themed act on one hoop.  A cheeky duet in which two Harlequins drink the wine they are supposed to be serving at the party, become a little merry and perform daring spins and striking poses on their hoop.
Rigging requirements: 1 x secure point tested to 500kg
Aerial silks
Various 6-7 mins acts available once again, including 'Longing', a tragic tale of lost love which includes accompanying balletic movement, elegant poses and impressive drops.
Rigging requirements: 1 x secure point tested to 500kg and a ceiling height of 5 metres or more.
Doubles Aerial silks
- This gives you two x 7 minute female / female masquerade ball themed acts.  Two Harlequin aerial dancers perform impressive synchronized drops and strike playful poses to waltz music on two sets of silks. 
Rigging requirements: 2 x secure point tested to 500kg and a ceiling height of 5 meters or more
Adagio / Acrobalance
- This is a 5 minute male / female duet telling a tale of a tumultuous relationship.  This moving act features swing-dance inspired sequences, impressive lifts, balances and spins.  A true juxtaposition of strength and grace.
Fire act(s)
- A male / female duet choreographed show lasting 10 minutes, or freestyle performance is available.  Featuring Fire Palms, Fire Poi and Fire Clubs (also available solo)
Juggling duet
- Hilariously named 'Health & Safety Gone Mad!'  this male / female duet is a 15 minute interactive juggling show suitable for a close up audience.  'Will the mischievous rogue 'devil' juggler convince 'angelic' health & safety representative that juggling isn't dangerous?' This cheeky number will make you chuckle with its loveable characters and 'it's behind you' moments.  A juggling duet packed with silliness and an unexpected finale twist, which will delight adults and children alike!
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