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Water, Water, Everywhere
This is not a spectating event alone. The Wild & Wet Show is suitable for small arenas (20m x 30m). It involves slapstick comedy & clowning, with lots of audience participation.
Travelling Fun Band
Mobile music mongering is carried out by The Travelling Fun band. This is a street band tailored for each individual audience and especially including children of all ages! They use guitar, clarinet, harmonica & vocals, accompanied by members of the audience using the wide range of percussion instruments secreted in their mobile box; and they can set up anywhere, walk between locations or remain stationery whichever you choose.  Audience participation is a MUST!



The Fun Squad can adapt to suit your event.  Their most popular workshops are the:

  •          Circus Skills - they offer diabolo; stunt sticks; juggling - balls, clubs, rings, scarves & cigar boxes; plate spinning; stilts; ribbon sticks; as well as things like hula hoops & skipping ropes. These skills can also be put to use in a show created for a grand finale.
  •          Sound Store - A diverse range of sound producing equipment is provided such as guitar, frying pan, ukulele, coconuts, accordion, buckets, combs & paper, snare drum, pan lids, maracas, & not forgetting the voice. The end result is a recorded piece that is in community ownership. Not confined to a small demographic, this workshop aims to reach a wide range of the population, engendering a community spirit & sense of cooperation, by creating a loud, vibrant & fun event for all to enjoy.

  •          Arts & Crafts

- Just having fun - For general arts & crafts workshops, Snapshot Productions bring a large range of materials & can allow the participants free rein with their creativity, offering guidance when needed.

- Origami - Whilst this is particularly suited to entertainment round tables at dinners, it can also be presented as a drop-in workshop or a timed activity. It is suitable for all occasions where an activity that can be carried out with all age groups at the same time is needed.

- Book making - specifically artist books & although this workshop can be tailored for children who will make simple books for writing & drawing, it is especially for adults who enjoy learning specialist & intricate techniques.

- Canal Style painting - Using the traditional style of canal boat painting; small, pre-prepared wooden objects such as discs are used together with quick drying paint to be able to explore the techniques of this ancient craft.
- Faking the masterpiece - This new workshop is aimed specifically at team-building days where each group is encouraged to produce a fake masterpiece (in a particular artists' style such as Pollock or Mondrian for example), to be painted on canvas using acrylic paints. At the end, each team presents their work to the others & tries to sell their paintings to them. They also have a memento of the event for their office walls!

Themed Costumed Characters

Entertainers for hire
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