Same Difference Arts
with Natasha Glew
Stilt Walking Acts - Easter Bunny, Icicle Queens, Scarecrows, Pirates, Red Stilts costumes, Ringmaster and Doll, Sci-Fi girls from Outer Space, White Rabbit, Marilyn Monroe (Warhol style)
Walkabout Ground-based Acts - Circus Performers, Contortionist, Doctors, Fire Performers, Grannies, Halloween Pumpkins,
Love Grannies, Dizzy the Witch, Werewolf and Bat, The Dinner Ladies, Squirrel, Up Periscope, Wanda
Workshops - Arts & Crafts Workshops, Steampunk Science Shows, Up Periscopes
Marilyn (Warhol) Monroe Walkabouts by Same Difference Arts
Stilt Walkers & Walkabouts in Derbyshire
Same Difference Arts are multi-talented duo with some amazing acts and costumes both Stilts and Ground-based.
Costumes can be Themed to suit your event, but we think you'll find something to fit below...
Walkabout Characters
This non-verbal act challenges the perception of Marilyn as just an icon of beauty. Warhol's Marilyn's have been re-imagined as brightly coloured, anti-femme, engaging and exciting characters. Their joy is in meeting people, pulling funny faces and exploring the world of colour around them! Marilyn (Warhol) Monroe Walkabouts by Same Difference Arts
Stilt Walking Acts
Naughty Christmas Tree
Victorian Carol Singers
Ringmaster & Doll


Easter Rabbit


Dinner Ladies


Christmas Satsumas

Ice Queens

Christmas Fairies