Colin Bower
After Dinner Speaker and Author
Colin Bower After Dinner Speaker Nottinghamsire
After Dinner Speaker available for hire from Nottinghamshire
Colin has written an autobiography entitled
'Curtain Seldom Up'
Available as an e-book Kindle Edition or via Amazon in time for Christmas
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Former Voice over Artiste Colin has been telling anecdotes for more than 30 years now. Cruise ships regularly book him year after year. Mainly observational anecdotes based on his own experiences etc. With an interest in the paranormal.
He has stories such as...
'Curtain up - An amusing look behind the scenes of show business.'
'The humour that surrounds us - Daily we are bombarded with news that is depressing & distressing. However, if we look closely & listen with care, we find we are surrounded by humour, much of it unintentional!'
'My farcical career as  passenger liaison officer on a cruise ship - Colin's ridiculously brief career in the Merchant Navy.'
'True psychic experiences - True stories of strange experiences that are best described as illogical, inexplicable & certainly unbelievable!'
'Famous psychics - Real mysteries in the true sense of the word.'
'Lucky Breaks - How some actors achieved fame & fortune.' 
'That's True Life - True entertaining incidents that reflect everyday life.'
Available for Ladies Groups, After Dinner Corporate Events, etc