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The Birds by Apus Productions East Yorkshire
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The Birds
These fantastical Giant Birds with their stunning fanned tails entertain and inspire audiences. They're accompanied by Major Apus, the avid birdwatcher and wildlife enthusiast and are a real treat for children and families or a perfect festival centre piece.  Audience interaction is encouraged allowing an up close experience of stroking them under their chins and chatting to Major Apus.
From a distance The Birds are impressive and magnificent, close up their detail is dazzling! Beautiful by day, they're even more stunning by night especially when they display their amazing light effects.
Each bird is 3.4 metres across and 3.2 metres high.
The Birds by Apus Productions East Yorkshire
East Yorkshire
Santa's Airforce
They resemble an early flying machine with elements of Mad Max, Leonardo da Vinci and Christmas all rolled into one! This pedal-powered flying machine comes with it's own festive sound track and is accompanied by two elves. Santa is out sourcing his urgent parcel collection, relocation and next day dispatch service to the Elf pilots to ensure he gets all his goods in all the right locations,  ready to be delivered on Christmas Day! Although the pilots are very well-meaning, they are a little new to this hi-tech flying malarkey and need a little sprinkling of fairy dust and a lot of imagination to keep that old flying machine 'flying'.
Suitable for audiences of all ages, humorous yet thought provoking. It will be fun to watch and/or participate in. Santa's Airforce visually mixes the Christmas and a steampunk-esque pedal powered flying machine into an engaging performance.
Santa's Airforce by Apus Productions East Yorkshire
East Yorkshire