Alan Bates
Stage Hypnotist
Alan Bates, stage hypnotist 
Stage Hypnotist available for hire Merseyside
 by Royal Appointment*
Equity Member
Alan's entertaining career has spanned over thirty plus years and during this time he has hypnotised many thousands of 'Stars' worldwide.  he lays claim to be one of the Great Masters of the Art and in his own right is a Star of Television and Theatre both in the UK and overseas.
Alan puts his success and reputation down to be a great passion for his work, vast experience and the ability to entertain people with a high quality presentation.

Alan is a member of the Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists (F.E.S.H.)

 and a member of British Equity so his works is both ethical and respectable.
(* In 1996 Alan performed for the Royal family in Brunei and received permission from them to use the title.)
Alan Bates Hypnotist