Scallywag Buccaneers Pirate Show
Childrens Show

   Scallywag Buccaneers Pirate Show with Andy and Tom Teesside 

Childrens Pirate Shows available for hire from Teesside
The Pirate Shows are great for kids who really like to get involved and dress up for their party
Captain Scallywag 'persuades' in true pirate fashion, all the children to join him as part of his pirate crew.
Assigning them their pirate names they are dressed up in
Pirate hats, Sashes, Eye patches and a foam sword before being taking them away for training...
They will be taught to speak like a pirate by teaching them pirate sayings
They will be taught (in a fun way of course) to sword fence like a pirate.
They will be 'made' to have FUN passing the parcel* and making balloon swords before relaxing to some very loud and wholesome pirate songs!
The whole show takes an hour, but can be reduced to 30mins if time is restrictive.
[Provided there is a roped off area]
Captain Scallywag can give a display of a genuine Black Powder weapon used in the Pirate Era