Circus Performers 
Circus performers make their skills look so easy that it amazes us all!  Performers of this calibre have either been born into the circus and been taught their skills by family members or they've dedicated a lot of time playing with themselves (so to speak)!
Either way you can be assured of a lively event.  Their skills may include stiltwalking, juggling, unicycling, diablo, plate spinning, trapeze, aerial work, tight rope walking, slack rope walking, fire performing, etc.
  • Adrian Catch - Circus Skilled Performer including Juggler, Stilt Walker, Clown, Unicycle, Plate Spinner, Diablo, Rollabola, Pedalgos also Magic, Balloon Modeller, Face Painter, Disco, Games, Compere, DJ, Actor, Panto Dame.  Ideal for Fun Days, Corporate Events, Promotional Events etc (based in Lancashire but will travel)
  • Anthony Freeman is the original Jolly Jester. A professional jester with magic, fire and juggling skills. Available for medieval fayres, festivals, gala's. Is also a professional magician available doing close up magic at corporate events, weddings and parties. (based in Cambridgeshire but will travel)
  • Aurora Circus aka Chris Ehrenzeller - Stilt walker, Juggler, Medieval themed characters, Fire breathing Dragon.  Perfect for Medieval themed events, Corporate Fun Days, etc (based in Nottinghamshire but will travel)
  • Bo Clown aka Derek Carpenter - Circus Skilled Performer with Stilts, Unicycling, Freestyle Fire, Circus Workshops.  Also available as Clown, Balloon Modeller and Electric Eco-Friendly Clown Car Arena Show. (based in Tyne & Wear but will travel)
  • Charlie Burns aka Charlie Carpenter - Circus Skilled Performer with Stilt walker, Fire performer, Clown, Balloon Modeller and Circus Workshops. Ideal for Fun Days, Schools, Promotional Work, etc (based in Tyne & Wear but will travel)
  • Clumbsy The Clown - Clown, Childrens Entertainer, Comedian, Comedy Duo, Circus Skills Performer (based in West Sussex but will travel)
  • Colin Francome - Unicyclist, Juggler, Balloon Modeller, Magician, Workshops. Available for Schools, Parties, Corporate Events, Family Fun Days etc (based in London)
  • Crackers the Clown aka Ron Popple - Juggler, Circus Workshops, also available as Punch & Judy or Magician for Childrens shows. (based in West Midlands but will travel)
  • Defying Gravity aka Tom Rolfe - Circus skilled performer offering Unicycling, Juggling, Balancing skills, Circus Workshops, Street Theatre Shows, Themed Pirate show, Clown show. Ideal for Theatres, Fun Days, Promotional Days, Schools etc. (based in Teesside but will travel)
  • Edd Muir as Mr Cellophane - Circus Performer as Stilt walker, Juggler, Chinese Pole Acrobatics, Fire Show, Circus Workshops (based in Merseyside but will travel)
  • Graham Benson - Stilt walker, juggler, circus workshops, medieval themed characters & walkabout characters. Available for Family fun days, Corporate events, Schools, Promotional days, Medieval Fayres (based in Lanarkshire)
  • Knot Rite aka Trudy Patient - Unicyclist / Juggler and Circus Workshops plus walkabout characters and balloon modelling.  Various characters available including Medieval Jester. (based in South Yorkshire but will travel)
  • Lisa Sampson - Circus Skilled Performer as Hoola Hoop & Fire Artiste. Semi Finalist from Britain's Got Talent 2015 (based in Sussex but will travel).
  • Lunatricks aka Nathan White - Circus Skilled Performer as Stilt Walker, Juggler, Fire Shows, Circus Workshops. Walkabout Characters such as Ice King on Stilts or Elf, etc (based in Tyne & Wear but will travel)
  • Marion Kenny - Fire Performer and storyteller (based in Lanarkshire but will travel)
  • Marko's Circus - Circus workshops for Schools, Parties, etc (based in Teessside but will travel)
  • Michael Angelo - Stilt walker, Fire Performer and juggler.  Ideal for Parades, Night clubs, Family Fun Days, etc (based in Lanarkshire but will travel)
  • Mini Mansell - Circus Skilled Performer offering Unicycling, Stilts, Juggling, Circus Workshops and Street Theatre Performances and Walkabout Magic.  Ideal for Festivals, Family Fun Days, Corporate Events, Promotions, Schools, etc (based in South Yorkshire but will travel)
  • Richard Gillet aka Shoestring Circus - Circus Skilled Performer offering Stilts, Unicycling, Juggling, Fire Show, Character shows such as Professor Seltsam the Mad Professor.  Ideal for all types of venues or events. (based in South Yorkshire but will travel)
  • Sean M Flynn aka Upshot Circus - Circus Skilled Performer offering Stilts, Juggling, Fire, Balloon Modelling.  Various Characters available. Ideal for all types of events or venues. (based in South Yorkshire but will travel)
  • Seymour on Stilts - Stilt walker, Medieval characters, Juggler, Circus Workshops (based in Lanarkshire but will travel)
  • Tim Byron -aka Zoot Circus - Circus Skilled Performer offering Unicycling, Juggling, Fire Shows, Circus Workshops. Suitable for Promotional Events, Family Fun Days, Corporate Events, etc (based in South Yorkshire but will travel)