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Technical requirements


Street Theatre Alchemists
bring you
Epico the Dragon & the Fairy Queen

Technical requirements

Please bear in mind that we perform at a very wide range of events and venues and that our technical requirements vary from one gig to another. The information below can only be a general overview and assessment of our needs. If in doubt, please ask to speak with Creature Encounter to talk through your options.
Performance (General)
Epico the Dragon normally performs 3 x 20mins as a static interactive Street Theatre Style Show, or as a localised walkabout act. The Dragon is accompanied by a Costumed Adventurer Character known as Aurelios Jones Comrade and Dragon Master to Epico the Dragon.  It is possible to book the show & the walkabout within a single day to a maximum of 3 appearances.
Performance – (Exceptions)
Epico The Dragon is unable to tackle steps of any nature. Only ramps or flat ground make performance possible. Once in costume, the Dragon performer is limited in the distances they are able to travel.  Please ask to speak with Creature Encounter to discuss your walkabout requirements and options. Please note the distance between the changing and performance area needs to be as short as possible!  Ideally 3 stewards should accompany Epico the Dragon during walkabout, when moving between performance area and changing area and at the close of the show when the children are invited to enter the arena.   Please keep in mind the size of the Dragon - 5m from tail to nose. 1.8m at the widest point. 2m at the highest point. (Basically, he’s a big boy and he will take up a lot of space!) The good news is, you won’t miss him & he always draws a big crowd!
Performance (Set up)
When indoors, Epico the Dragon will require a shop unit or screened off area...
Shop Unit, or no public access area of minimum 6m squared and with minimum 2m wide and high entrance/exit is necessary. An ideal changing area will be warm and dry, secure and private, have a couple of chairs to sit on, a clean floor or floor covering so we can keep our Dragon clean! 
Screened Off Area, a space of no less than 6m squared. Any screens will need to be a minimum of 2m high as the changing rig in which the Dragon is housed stands at 2.5m. An ideal changing area will be warm and dry, secure and private, have a couple of chairs to sit on, a clean floor or floor covering so we can keep our Dragon clean!

Outdoors, the Dragon travels with his own tent. We will provide all the necessary equipment to erect and secure the tent safely and will require a minimum of 3 hours prior to first performance to set up the tent, performance area and Dragon. We will require 2 members of your crew to assist us in setting up & de-rigging the tent. De-rigging the tent, performance area and Dragon will require a minimum of 1.5 hours. It is necessary to leave the tent and performance area in place throughout the performance day/days. The absolute minimum space required for the tent is 6m squared by 4m high.

The Show: Epico The Dragon will require a roped off performance area. This will need to be a firm, level and clear area of concrete, paving or grass. You will be required to provide the railings or posts and rope and the people to set them up. Our absolute minimum requirement for this performance area is 9m squared.  Where possible, our preference would be for the performance area to be directly next to the tent, shop unit or screened off area. In situations where this is not possible, it is necessary for the performance area and tent/shop unit/screened area to be as close as is possible, within a maximum of 15m of the performance area
The Walkabout: Epico The Dragon will require an empty shop unit or no public access area / screened off area / tent (please see above for requirements.) An ideal changing area will be secure and private, have a couple of chairs to sit on, a clean floor or floor covering so we can keep our Dragon clean!  During walkabout or shows when the tent is unattended we will require a steward/security to mind our kit.
Performing in a Dragon is a very hot occupation; we have never yet had to miss or delay a performance due to excessive heat but we reserve the right to halt or alter a performance in these extreme cases.  Although The Dragon is waterproof, we generally don’t perform in heavy rain or snow so it is advisable to have a wet weather or excessive heat contingency plan in place for outdoor events.
Please note that some fake snow is made of chemical foam which is damaging to the Dragon’s skin; please ensure we are sited clear of snow machines if you have them.

If you anticipate large crowds or a very noisy event it may be worth considering the provision of a PA & radio microphone. Please bear in mind that the background noise in environments such as high streets and shopping centres can be surprisingly high. When positioning the show and when siting generators, please remember that we are using no amplification (outside the Dragon’s onboard PA system).

Access and Parking
We will require direct vehicle access to the performance area a minimum of 3 hours before any scheduled performances & free local parking for a luton van for the entire duration of the performance day/days.

Please understand that all our props and costumes are kept clean, dry and maintained at a high level of condition. We’d like them to stay that way. In situations where undue wear and tear is put on our equipment, we reserve the right to charge for cleaning/repair expenses.

This technical specification is considered to be a binding part of any contracted performance of Epico the Dragon, and we reserve the right to cancel a performance in the case of inappropriate technical provision.