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Born To Die: The Real Life of a Comedian


Born To Die: The Real Life of a Comedian
(c) 15th July 2020 by Lester Crabtree
Born To Die: A Life of a Comedian by Lester Crabtree (c) 2020
Available on Amazon Click Here
Did you hear the one about the naughty kid who became a comedian? In this book you will learn that despite a lot of efforts from the powers that be, any my own outrageous behaviour for me to not even exist in this life, I actually, through blood, sweat and tears have survived to tell the tale. I know we all dream of having the perfect child, but I was far from this. In fact I was a mischievous daredevil who would do anything for a laugh and some pocket money to buy a packet of fags. In layman terms, as a kids I was a little ls***, as you will discover in the early chapters. You will see that my early life, a far from normal start, paved the way for me to take stupidity and danger into my life as a comedian and entertainer. Outside of the armed forces and emergency services, I think I've taken more abuse, both verbally and physically, than is expected in the workplace, and I will share those times with you, because nobody wants to hear just the stories with a happy ending, you want to hear the nitty gritty right? Well that's exactly what you'll get in this book. You'll get stories about me getting my head kicked in and hospitalised all because of one joke, hilarious tales of what it's like on the road, an dhow as a comedian we deal with hecklers. I'll also share some amazing anecdotes from some of my fellow comics and entertainers, complete with untold stories about Freddie Starr, Chubby Brown, John Bishop, Bobby Davro, Bernard Manning and many others. When Covid-19 struck, it ripped away my ability and passion to entertain people, so I decided I wasn't going to sit around and wait for audiences to come back to me. So here I bring it you. The real life of a comedian. Not for the faint hearted.