Cabaret, Stage Magic, Outdoor Illusions
Ideal for promoting that extra special event of the holiday resorts and hotels around the world.
Andrew Green Illusionist - Andrew is an amazingly talented illusionist, capable of stunning illusions both on stage & on a grand scale! Ideal for weddings, private parties, hotels, restaurants, holiday resorts, cruise liners, corporate events, TV appearances, or many other types of venues and events. 
Available Nationwide based in Lancashire
Illusionist Andrew Van BurenAndrew Van Buren Illusionist - Want to cut your boss in half?  Then look no further... Andrew is ideal for theatres, cabaret shows, variety shows, weddings, private parties, corporate events, promotions, publicity event, all sorts of events.  He can personalise any of his acts to suit your venue or type of event.  Fully self contained
Available Nationwide based in Staffordshire
illusionist Collin RichardsonCollin Richardson Illusionist - Want a car to disappear or maybe a castle? Collin's your man.  A genuinely talented illusionist / magician.  He will theme his skills to suit any event, so whether you book him for your wedding, a private party, corporate function, promotion or publicity event Collin is suitable for any type of event or venue
Available Nationwide based in Surrey
Illusionist Graham ShawGraeme Shaw is an amazingly talented illusionist suitable for weddings, private parties, corporate events, promotional, publicity or cabaret events, or many other types of venues and events.  Fully self contained
Available North East of England based in Tyne & Wear 
Steve Price IllusionistSteve Price - Illusionist is perfect for cruise ships, weddings, private parties, hotels, corporate events or many other types of events or venues.  Fully self contained.
Available Nationwide based in London
Illusionist, Magicians available for hire
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