Entertainers & Entertainments beginning with the letter C
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Cafe Society - is a 1920s Jazz Quartet. Ideal for Jazz nights, Themed events, Hotels, Theatres, Student Balls and Private and Corporate events of all sorts.  Available Nationwide
Cafe Society 1920s Jazz Quartet Manchester
Candy Heartbreakers All Female Dance Troupe Tyne & Wear
Careena Fenton is one of UK's leading female Magicians! Available for Close up Magic for Private parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Corporate events, Office parties, Conferences, Promotional events, all types of events and venues.  Available Nationwide.
Careena Fenton as Female Magician Sylvia Sceptre
West Midlands
Caribbean Steel Band are a 5pce Professional Steel Band can also perform as 4pce, trio or duo. Available Yorkshire and surrounding counties
The Caribbeans Steel Band North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
Carnival Fun Fairs can provide all sorts of Fun Fair equipments including Alice in Wonderland Cup & Saucer Ride, Victorian Swing Boats, Amusement Stalls, Fun House.  Available North East
Carnival Funfairs Durham
Casablanca Steps are a Comedy Musical quartet performing 1920s & 1930s music. Ideal for Themed events, TV, Hotels, Theatres, Music Hall, Student Balls, Corporate events, Dances. Available Nationwide
Casablanca Steps 20s music
Charles Creasey Closeup Magician South Yorkshire
Charles Haslet as Prince Charles Lookalike
Charleston Charlies will add that little bit of culture (and comedy) to your night with this 1920s Musical Quintet. Ideal for Themed events, Old time Music Halls, Private or Corporate events and they're available Nationwide
Charleston Charlies 20s band
Charlie Burns Fire Performer & Childrens Entertainer
Chicks on Sticks Stilt Walkers
Chris Cross is a Close up Magician. Ideal for Corporate events, After Dinner Entertainments, Promotional Days, Office parties, Private parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings and so much more... he's performed for Royalty on many occasions. Appeared on TV, and 'Got Talent' shows all over the world. Available Nationwide
Chris Cross Wedding Magician
Chris Deans 'Syd Lawrence Orchestra'. The orchestra goes on long after Syd Lawrence retired... They're perfect for those Wartime celebrations or Themed events or any Classy Classical event. Ideal for Town Halls, Theatres, Larger venues. Available Nationwide
Chris Dean's Syd Lawrence Orchestra available Nationwide
Chris Ehrenzeller of Aurora Carnivals is an amazing Circus Skilled Performer with Street Theatre / Small arena shows comprising of Balancing, Juggling of Knives, Fire and so much more laughter and fun. His Medieval Jestering shows or Walkabout is ideal for Outdoor events, Corporate functions, Family Fun Days, Promotional events and events and venues of all sorts.
Chris Ehrenzeller as Kris Katchit Circus Performer Nottinghamshire
Charlie Everett creates Caricatures ideal for Private events like Weddings, Birthday parties, Christenings anywhere you need to create memories. Suitable for Corporate events too, Family Fun Days, Student Balls, Holiday resorts, Promotional days, Conferences and so many more venues and types of events. Available Bristol and surrounding areas
Charlie Everett Caricaturist from Bristol
Chris James is a Stage Hypnotist, Magician, Mentalist / Mind Reader, Professional Pick Pocket and After Dinner Speaker. Ideal for Hotels, Holiday resorts, Conferences, After Dinner Entertainments, Private parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Corporate events, Promotional Days, or anywhere you want to make memorable. Available Nationwide
Chris James Magician and Stage Hypnotist, Mind Reader and Pick Pocket, plus After Dinner Speaker is now available through A.R.C. Entertainments
Chris Marley is a circus act with extraordinary juggling skills.  He can not only juggle juggling ball, juggling pins, juggling rings, but also juggles knives and axes!  He can incorporate this with balancing skills like on the Triple Rola Bola! Also available as master of ceremonies (based in South Yorkshire but will travel)
Chris Marley South Yorkshire
South Yorkshire
Chris Ryder - Caricaturist is one of the foremost female caricaturists in the UK. Ideal for Weddings, Birthdays, Private events, Corporate events, Promotional days, Conferences, Student events, and all other types of events and venues. Available West Midlands and surrounding areas. 
Chris Ryder Caricaturist West Midlands
West Midlands
Chrissie Heaven aka About Face - Face Painter, Balloon Modeller, Storyteller. Perfect for Family Fun Days, Childrens parties,  Schools, Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate events and many other events and venues. Available North Yorkshire and surrounding areas

Chrissie Heaven of About Face Face Painting York

North Yorkshire
Christopher Gee - Comedy Impressionist is a perfect showman with voices of nearly a 100 people. Ideal for Voice overs, Theatre shows, Hotels, Private parties, Corporate events, After Dinner Events, TV and so much more. Available Nationwide
Christopher Gee Comedy Impressionist
Christopher Maloney - Male Vocalist, Finalist of The X Factor 2012. Fully Self contained. Ideal for Private functions Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate events, Hotels, and many more. Available Merseyside and surrounding areas
Christopher Maloney Male Vocalist Merseyside
Chuck Fleming is a Violinist / Fiddle Player and a member of several Folk or Ceilidh Bands or as soloist.  Available North East and surrounding areas.
Chuck Fleming Violinist
Cleveland Police Community Band - 30 pce Concert Brass Band.  Ideal for Concerts, Charity fundraisers, Outdoor events. Available Teesside and surrounding areas
Cleveland Police Brass Band
Clive's ACE Entertainments provide Magic - Punch & Judy Balloon Modelling, Juggling, Fire Juggling and is ideal for Private parties, Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings, Corporate funtions, Family Fun Days, Close up Magic for Student Balls and so much more. Available Nationwide
Clive Hodgson as ACE Entertainments Co Durham
Clumbsy the Clown - Clown, Childrens Entertainer, Comedian, Comedy Duo, Circus Skills Performer, Fire stunt shows. Ideal for Chidrens parties private or in schools, Shopping Centres, Outdoor or indoor events, Family fun days, Promotional events, Corporate events, Private events, Weddings, Christenings and various other events or venues.
Available Sussex and surrounding counties
Lloyd Reed as Clumbsy the Clown
Colin Bower -  After Dinner Speaker, Guest Speaker talks about his paranormal experiences. Ideal for all sorts of events or venues eg Cruise Ships, Hotels, wherever you need him to regale his stories.  Available Nationwide
Colin Bower After Dinner Speaker
Collin Richardson is an amazing Magician and Illusionist. He's a Childrens Entertainer providing Magic Shows for all ages, with or without Disco, Games or Balloon Modelling.  Ideal for Childrens birthday parties, Shopping Centres, Weddings, Christenings, Indoor or outdoor events. Available Surrey and surrounding areas, or for Illusions of a bigger scale he is available Nationwide
Collin Richardson Magician
Company Upfront provide many different story lines for their Murder Mysteries. If they haven't got your required story on file already they will happily, given sufficient time, create your very own bespoke storyline.  Full audience participation suitable for Hotels, Private parties and bring fun and games to you Murder Mystery event.  Available Nationwide
Company Upfront Murder Mystery Organisers from Kent
Compass Rose - Ceilidh, Irish, Scottish, Northumbrian Music (Full Band or Duo) Fully self-contained. Ideal for Private parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Irish nights, Scottish nights, Ceilidh nights, St Patricks events, Corporate parties, and many more venues and events. Available Durham and surrounding areas
Compass Rose Ceilidh Band
Con & Dec's - The Bachelors are the original artists reformed with Dec's very attractive daughter Victoria to bring you all their classical hits of The Bachelors from the 70s and mid-80s. Ideal for Hotels, Holiday resorts, Theatres, Festivals and many more events and venues. Available Nationwide
Con & Dec - The Bachelors with Victoria
Counterfeit Bee Gees - Bee Gees Tribute and Lookalikes. Ideal for Corporate events, Conferences, Music Festivals, Theatres, Hotels, and many more events. Available Nationwide
Bee Gees Tribute Counterfeit Bee Gees
Creature Encounter - Street Theatre Alchemists Puppetry with Animatronics and Storytelling with characters such as Dinosaur (Dinotopia), Dragon (Epico) & Keeper, Fairy Queen & Sir Aurelious, Festival Elves, Flying Carpets, Mr Fox & Mr Otter, Goblins, Jack Frost, Penguin Family, Snowman Family, Snow Lion & Snow Queen, Squawk Exotic Birds, Badger & Squirrel, Storytelling Elves, Gorilla & Hunters. Ideal for Festivals, Family Fun Days, Outdoor events, Shopping Centres, Leisure Centres, Country parks, Gardens, Castle grounds, anywhere with plenty of room. Available Nationwide 
Giant Penguins by Creature Encounter
West Midlands
Clive Chandler - Giant Punch & Judy, Punch & Judy Walkabout Characters
Clive Chandler Puppeteer
West Midlands
Curious Creations bring Puppetry and Animations to a new form, with characters like Foojamaflip and his Gardener Fred. Ideal for Garden Centres, Flower Shows, Walkabout anywhere. Available Nationwide
Froojamaflip & Fred the Gardner by Curious Creations Lincolnshire
Cybertech robots can be either remote controlled robots like Junior or Human robots like 'Primo' or 'Servo' - dummies robots