Cyber Tech
created by Rob Clapperton
Remote Controlled Robots & Human (Mime) Robots
Primo, Junior, Servo Dummies (Waiters), Borg Robot, Genuine Fakes (Human Statues White Greek / Roman Statue), Mime Artist.
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Cybertech robots can be either remote controlled robots like Junior or Human robots like 'Primo' or 'Servo' - dummies robots
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Cybertech Robots are available as remote controlled robots like 'Junior' or as Human 'Mime' Robots like 'Primo' or 'Servo Dummies'
Primo robot by Cybertech Rob Clapperton
Primo is 6'3" of glitzy polished metal.  He is able to speak with the public or guests even in a noisy environment.  He can sing and dance and has many sound effects to suit the mood of any occasion; and works very well for meet and greet situations and at events where maximum impact is required
Junior remote controlled robot by Cybertech Rob Clapperton
Junior is a radio-controlled robot that is operated from a nearby hidden location.  The operator can see, hear and talk to anyone close to Junior, via a wireless optical and audio link to the robot.  Junior is ideal for meet and greet occasions as he speaks in a vey clear synthesised voice.  His lovely blue eyes make him vulnerable to  hugs and kisses from young children and women of all ages (and will need supervision as the operator must remain hidden to create the illusion of a 'live' robot), especially as he is only 3' tall.  (The robot will need supervision as the operator must remain hidden to create the illusion of a 'live' robot)
Servo Dummies
Servo Dummies by Cybertech Rob Clapperton   Servo Dummies Waiter by Cybertech Rob Clapperton
Servo Dummies are unique moving mannequins that move slow precise robotics, synthesised with a servo motor effect with each movement.  Because of this unique sound effect, many people believe the Servo Dummies are real 'human-like' robots covered in rubber flesh.  Servo Dummies provide an unusual and unique attraction for exhibitions and conferences.  They are also useful for themed events, with an appropriate costume to suit your event; whether it be Halloween or even Christmas or any other theme, Servo Dummies can dress the part.  The most popular Servo Dummy is the Waiter, the character is capable of serving food and drink to guests at dinner parties.  He is also available with electronically luminous facial prosthetics for dimmed or darkened rooms, or just for that special effect!
Borg Stiff
Borg robot by Cybertech Rob Clapperton
Borg Stiff is based on the Star Trek characters 'the Borg' and is very much in demand for all types of events.   He comes complete with functioning light displays, servo motor sounds and a professional robotic artiste, to bring the Borg presence to life!  All this and YES! batteries are included. Be part of the Borg Collective 'Resistance is futile'.
Genuine Fakes
White Grecian / Roman Human Statue by Rob Clapperton
Genuine Fakes look like realistic statues, but are really performing artistes posing in a statue-like manner.   The human statue performers wait for the right moment to burst into life and give you suitable remarks such as 'nice tie, Sir' or 'Come along Madam, let's see you smile.'   The statues are always ready with the right think to say at the right moment. Genuine Fakes are a great meet and greet act that will make everyone smile.
Mime 'Init!
Mime Artiste by Rob Clapperton
Mime-init is a Comical Character.  He uses sound effects and some mime humour to bring situations alive.  The sound effects add a special touch to many comical situations such as an invisible door with a working door bell sound, or an invisible car with realistic horn and starting motor sound.  If Mime-init reverses his invisible car, listen out for the BANG! and stay out of the way as you may get the blame for the invisible damage !
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