Chris James
Stage Hypnotist, Close up Magician, Mind Reader, Pick Pocket, After Dinner Speaker
Chris James Magician, Stage Hypnotist, Mind Reader and Pick Pocket, plus After Dinner Speaker
Stage Hypnotist available for hire South of England
Equity Member


Chris James is one of the most versatile entertainers in the UK.  He is vibrant and exciting to watch.  His captivating personality rewards the audience with all round top class entertainment.

Chris James offers an evening of entertainment for the largest of venues to the home dinner party.  He has the ability to adapt his show to suit the needs of any venue and any audience.

His professionalism and reputation for performing as a Stage Hypnotist, Mind Reader, Pickpocket, Close up entertainer and as a competent host and compere ensures Chris James is the act, universities, corporate companies and clubs are confident to book.

"The limit of our understanding is not the limit of all there is to understand"