Stephanie Davies
Comedienne (Comedian)
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Entertainer in Merseyside

Since leaving LIPA in 2002 Stephanie has been involved in variety of comedy projects, from performing stand up comedy to writing (BBC Radio sketches), organizing events and comedy sketches. Whilst training at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts Stephanie performed in broad range plays, which widened her playing, range.

Since her comedy debut at the Masque theatre in Liverpool, Stephanie has proved that even attractive women can be funny, whilst also providing the perfect antidote for the man-eating comediennes the circuit is known for. With everything from DIY to driving lessons coming under her comedy microscope, Stephanie shows that shoes and jewellery isn't the only thing on her girly mind. With her cheeky humour, engaging stories and quick wit, audiences can't resist this naughty but nice young lady from Southport.

More recently promoters have realised Stephanie's quick wit is excellent to MC a night, she entertains and chats with ease to an audience and can whip up even the coldest of rooms, but beware Stephanie's not as cute as she looks. One word out of place and you will feel the wrath of the princess of put downs!

Not only has Stephanie become an established comedienne on the circuit she has appeared in various T.V projects: BBC 3 Sketch show, Pure soap and ITV1 Stand-up Jenny. More recently Stephanie's ability to adapt to and handle any situation thrown at her, be it a rowdy room or a subdued crowd has won her a job for the BBC presenting on a children's programme BBC Blast.

Her ability to write good material has spilled into script writing. Recently Stephanie was commissioned write a play for BBC radio Merseyside. The play was well received and as a result played on BBC radio four. Stephanie is currently writing further sketches for T.V and Radio.

Stephanie's natural flair for acting gained her a place at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Since graduating with a first class honours, not only has Stephanie excelled in her stand-up career she has also had various roles for television programmes and adverts and performed in plays which have taken her to the Unity theatre and Royal Court in Liverpool.

Stephanie has performed on the comedy circuit for the past 2 years locally and nationally writing all her own material. In 2003 she won the title of Liverpool Echo's Best New Talent in comedy. 2004: Jongleurs & J20 semi final new act. 2005: BBC radio Merseyside's comic relief's best comedy act.

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