Flaming Fun
Johnathan and Helen Reynolds
Corporate Entertainers, Stilt Walkers, Fire Performers, Snake Handlers, Living Statues, UV Light Shows, Jugglers, Acrobats, Walkabout Characters & more... 
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 Giant Garden Gnomes by J & H Reynolds 

Entertainers in Sussex

Equity Members
Johnathan and Helen Reynolds have such an amazing array of costumes available as solo performers or duo. They travel all around the UK and around the world. Stilt Walking, Walkabout Characters, Human Statues, Human Tables, Snake Dancers and much more...
Candy Canes ideal Christmas fun walkabout characters
Candy Canes
Fairy riding a Dragon Illusion Costume by J'n'H Reynolds
Dragon & Fairy
Olympic Illumine by J'n'H Reynolds
Laser Light Show
Bird of Paradaise Flower Stilts by J&H Reynolds of Flaming Fun South
Bird of Paradise Flowers on Stilts
Living Tables by flaming Haha's
Black Themed Living Tables
Chef Living Tables by Flaming Haha's
Chef Living Tables
Living Tables by Flaming Haha's
Fairy Living Tables 
Fire Perfomances by J'n'H Reynolds
Fire Shows
Flower Power by J&H ReynoldsIdeal for Outdoor Events of all types
Flower Power Group
Flower Power Living Tables by J & H Reynolds of Flaming Fun south
Flower Power Living Tables
Fuschia Flower Power on Stilts by J&H Reynolds South
Flowers on Stilts - Fuschia's
Giant Garden Gnomes  by J&H ReynoldsIdeal for Outdoor Events of all types
Garden Gnomes 
Chinese Geisha Stiltwalker by Flaming Haha's
Geisha's on Stilts
Holographic Shadow Bouncy Stilts by Flaming Haha's
Holographic Bouncy Stilts
The Unique 'Living' Chair brought to you by Flaming Haha's
Living Chair
Snake Handlers by the Flaming Haha's
Snake Handling Walkabout
Living Tables by Flaming Haha's
Stone Statue Living Tables
Valentine Heart & Flower Girl Walkabout
Valentine Hearts
Fire Show / Freestyle Act
This show is performed by a group of highly trained pro-technicians. Each artiste, a true master with his or her own pyrotechnic paraphernalia.
The artistes use a contemporary inspiration and the element of fire is presented in a multitude of forms to create a unique blend of light and dance. They use exciting fiery tools and fire techniques in their shows like fire eating, spinning and twirly and the good old fire breathing. They also use a variety of fire toys like such as fire poi, fire staffs, fire fingers, fire swords, fire fans, fire skipping ropes, fire dress / clothing and much, much more...

Living Chair

  • Living Chair (UNIQUE)
The Living Chair is a 'unique' form of entertainment, the chair literally 'comes to life'!  Performance is 1x 90 minutes continuous spot, but a 90 minutes that your guests will NEVER forget !!
Living Tables
  • Black Themed
Other ideas... to serve wine, hors d'oeuvres, dessert, favors, party bags, name tags, promotional materials or whatever else you like.
Themes such as Mardi Gras, Mannequins, Chefs, Fruit, Waiters, Mermaids, Geishas, Hawaii, African etc
  • Chefs
Living tables make a unique meet'n'greet centre piece at any corporate or private events.
  • Fairies
Choose from a range of fabulous characters or let us know of any theme, specific ideas or colour schemes you would like to see at your function.
  • Flower Power Group
Paradise is here...
Who cares if it's raining on your parade?
The Power Flowers living tables bring a slice of paradise to your event whatver the weather.
These blooming lovely flower tables are an instant hit!
Created by demand to match the ever popular Stilt Walking Power Flowers, these cheeky blossom are the pleasers and so versatile for many of the most popular party themes.
UV Glow reactive petals and leaves enable these glorious paradise flowers to colourpop in daylight or evening.
The visual impactcan only be increased by pairing them with their companion stilt flowers - why not pick the whole bouquet?
  • Stone Statue Living Tables
The tables will entertain in the character of your choice, create an exciting buzz and meet'n'greet your guests on arrival with their first cocktail or appetizer of the evening.
Stiltwalking Characters
  • Flowers -Bird of Paradise
Suitable for any type of outdoor summer event, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, shopping centres, balls, weddings, meet'n'greet, production promotions and any event with a spacious area. 
Ideal when booking the Flower Power Living Tables or Fuschia Flower Stilt Walkers.
  • Flowers -Fuschia's (Pink/Purple)
Suitable for any type of outdoor summer event, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, shopping centres, balls, weddings, meet'n'greet, production promotions and any event with a spacious area.  Ideal when booking the Flower Power Living Tables or Birds or Paradise Power Flower Stilt Walkers.
  • Geisha's on Stilts
Geisha Stilt Walking characters ideal for that Chinese themed event
  • Holographic Bouncy Stilts
Holographic Shadow Bouncy Stilts ideal for nightclubs etc
Walkabout Characters
  • Candy Canes
Walkabout Characters can be such FUN! Ideal for Christmas themed events
  • Fairy Riding the Dragon
They are limited only by the imaginations of their creators and Johnathan and Helen have great imaginations!
  • Giant Garden Gnomes 
These two supersized Gnomes were discovered at the bottom of the garden.  They were bickering about who's side had the greener grass (and they haven't stopped since!)  They really need springing out for a play date at your local family fun day or summer themed event.  At nine feet tall and four feet wide, these plus sized Gnomes are the ultimate status symbol for your garden party.  Whether (fish) pole dancing, making new friends or larking about, a Gnome is all you need to keep your guests delighted.  Even better when a pair, their sibling rivalry puts Liam & Noel Gallagher in the shade.  Speaking of shade, don't wait for British summer to arrive, bring your own guaranteed sunshine with these Giant Gnomes.  Guaranteed Gnometastic fun for all the family!
  • Laser Lights Show
This Olympic Illumine was specially created for the 2012 Olympics but the Flaming Haha's can create the show to suit ANY promotional event
  • Valentine Hearts
Were created for that special time of the year, when you want to tell someone you love, just how our really feel about them... in a BIG WAY!
  • Walkabout with Snakes
This licensed act is available with a female / male snake handler. Honey the snake, is pure Honey in colour and personality. If you are wanting to find out how daring your guests are, this may be the way to go. They can suppy polaroids for your guests so they can take away the experience. Contact for more details of this option.
Entertainer for hire
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