Alex Crow

Alex Crow
Mindreader, Mentalist, Close up Magician, After Dinner Entertainment
Alex Crow Mind Reader Mentalist Magician
Alex Crow Virtual Mind Reading and Mentalism / Close up Magic available for bookings live from Kent or Virtual
Over the past few months Alex has found his Virtual Mindreading Shows to be booked for everything from Awards Events, Conferences, Training Days and Client Events to Weekly Team get togethers. May of these events have different requirements so Alex thought it might be useful to outline the three versions of his online offerings...
15 minute show
Ideal for award events where you need a short entertainment section to break up the awards and add a bit of energy and fun. Also great for events where you have multiple performers taking part in a variety-style online show. A high energy show which packs a punch and can be tailored to the event.
30 minute show
Great for training days and conferences - loads of audience participation and plenty of wow moments with the potential to add bespoke elements featuring the your own or your clients messages, products, logo's etc.
'Mini Monty' Walkabout Mind Reading
This is the perfect icebreaker that will get everyone talking! Alex will perform short sets of mind-boggling routines revealing the names of friends and relatives, challenging people to lie undetected (the never can), telling people what they are th inking at any given moment and much more... Fast paced and guaranteed to get the room buzzing, this is perfect for Pre-dinner drinks, Weddings, Parties and networking events. Great for client events and team get togethers. Works really well as part of an evening with cocktail making or cooking. The full show where Alex reads and influences minds, duplicates unseen drawings and much more, including parts of he show where the audience get to follow along at home and experience moments of 'magic' in their own home! Can also be adapted to add bespoke elements if required.
'Half Monty'
This show is 45 minutes long with loads of audience participation and is great fun with many "WOW" moments! During the show, Alex reveals thoughts of words, duplicates unseen drawings, makes a couple of incredible predictions which come true and at one part, one of the guests actually performs some mindreading on the audience! One of the highlights is where Alex gets a woman on stage who has children, and tells her the name of her child and the time it was born. At that point she looks at his watch, which she has been holding, and sees that it says the same time!
'3/4 Monty'
This is the combination of the Half Monty after dinner show and the pre-dinner Walkabout Mindreading combined
'Full Monty'
When Alex has finished his show there is invariable a queue of people wanting to ask questions and perhaps see if they can outwit him.  With the Close-up encounters, Alex will join the guests at the bar and around mix'n'mingle around the tables for the rest of the evening, answering questions and performing even more amazing mindreading in a more intimate setting.  He may even  perform some 'weird stuff', making objects move of their own accord... and more!Mindreading & Mentalism is intriguing, engaging and creates a buzz with whoever sees it at work. They either love it or disbelieve it, but either way, they'll be talking about it for ages afterwards, and thereby talking about where and when... that'll be at 'your' event! It can also be educational with Alex by using a combination of psychology, body language, NLP, intuition and a host of other techniques which the audience get a glimpse of and can use in their everyday lives.
Whatever your event, you can be assured that your guests will be talking about Alex Crow for weeks afterwards!