Tim Shoesmith

Tim Shoesmith
Close Up Magician
   Tim Shoesmith Close up magician, Theatrical Pick Pocket Magician London
Close Up Magician Tim Shoesmith is available for bookings from London
 Equity Member
Cabaret Magician
Imagine a performance for all your guests at the same time, full of audience participation and laughter. This is Tim's favourite environment. This can be added to the end of an evening of close up or booked in its own right.
Tim's award winning act is appropriate for after dinner cabaret at all social gatherings.
Regular performer at the Magic Castle (Hollywood) and appeared on Monday Night Magic (New York)
Close up Magic
Have you ever stared in disbelief when a card disappeared in front of your eyes? Or when your very own 10 note turns into a 20? Well, as Tim is one of the UK's finest close up magicians, this is something he can add to your event or party.
Working with small groups or larger audiences he is able to offer bewildering performances that will astound the audience and leave you thinking 'how did he do that.... it's not possible!'

Tim Shoesmith Pocket Magic London

Theatrical Pick Pocketing
He has been in Magic has the same impact as theatrical pickpocketing. Tim added this to his act some time ago and couldn't believe the effect that it had. Nothing amazes an audience more than to realise that someone's watch has been removed from their wrist without them being aware of it.
Tim can mix pickpocketing with strong magic effects to increase the audience response
Tim Shoesmith Theatrical Pick Pocket London and the South

Tim is also a member of the
Inner Magic Circle
International Brotherhood of Magicians
Winner of the
IBM (Champion 2005 - 2006)
IMC (Close up Magician of the year 2nd place 2003)
IBM (Rovi Trophy 2000)
WAM (Stage Competition 2000)
WAM (Close up Competition 1999)