Brian Morrison

Brian Morrison
Silhouette Artist  
   Brian Morrison Silhouette Artiste Ayrshire
Silhouette Artiste Brian Morrison from Ayrshire is available for bookings
Silhouette cutting
An ancient art revisited. What you receive from a Silhouette cutting artist is a mounted profile portrait of yourself, cut directly from black art paper in minutes. The artist then fixes the finished silhouette on to a ready prepared mount. All functions can be catered for. The artist can roam from table to table during dinner; mingle with guests at champagne receptions, or take a seat and invite guests to pose for their portrait.
Brian Morrison Silhouette artist Ayrshire
This is an excellent ice-breaker. A talking point that's sure to keep everyone amused for hours. Probably, the most important entertainment value of hiring a of Silhouette cutting artist, is the fact that the guest takes home, a lovely, unique souvenir of the event. The mount is similar to a greeting card, with the Silhouette fixed to the right hand side. A personalised message can be pre-printed on the opposite side. This could be the bride & grooms name and date of their wedding, if it's that type of function. It could also display a company logo, or general information about the event.
Silhouette art has been around for centuries. It was very prominent in Greek & Roman times. Much later around the 17th and 18th century, paper cutting silhouettes became very popular in Western Europe. Many profiles of leading figures, poets & artists of the day were captured this way.