Sheyla Bonnick

Sheyla Bonnick
Singer / Songwriter of 'Look Beyond'

   Sheyla Bonnick 'Look Beyonnd'

Sheyla Bonnick available for bookings
Sheyla Bonnick has an all-round talent with a long career in music; she's a singer, songwriter and published author, and a founder member of the legendary Boney M and although she still tours with her own version Sounds of Boney M with Sheyla Bonnick, she wants to concentrate more on her own career promoting the new album 'Look Beyond', a project she was proud to work alongside Maureen Hiron (co-writer) and her Icelandic husband Ingvar Neilsson.
Sheyla loves her projects and among them is proud to include her Chillout album called 'Angel Cures', a single release called 'Changes', a solo album entitled 'Unblocked' , a book called 'Women are like Cats and men are like Dogs... or are they?' (FYI The book is pending an American TV Series) There are other projects in the pipeline so watch this space...
Sheyla is available for hire and ideal for Festivals, Resorts, Cruise Ships, Hotels, and can be booked as herself or with The Sounds of Boney M or Gimme Abba
also Author of
'Women are like Cats and Men are like Dogs - or are they?'
pen name Kat Brown
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