Virtual Rick Coleman

Rick Coleman Virtual Caricaturist

Virtual Caricaturist Rick Coleman is available for bookings
Mono caricatures take approximately 3-5 minutes and Colour caricatures can take 5-8minutes
Rick can share his screen with your guests and they can all view him drawing in 'real time' or he can work behind the scenes and share the drawing with everyone at the end of the meeting / session; another option would be that he work in a 'break out' room where guests can join him one or two at a time.
Alternatively, if time allows, he can expand the caricatures to full blown pictures - including personal details or hobbies to make them more fun depending on what experience you or your guests would like him to provide.
Caricatures are then emailed either directly to each guest in turn, or sent as a batch to the organise after the event.
Customised templates are inclusive