My Journey Into Authorship

My Journey Into Authorship
01 Feb 2021 My Journey Into Authorship - Blogging
Hello, I'm new to blogging and asked someone what's it all about? Their answer to me was it's all about what you know! Write about yourself, write about something you're passionate about, write whatever you like! So I decided to try it out.
I'll be starting the new blog shortly - see you soon!
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WELCOME TO 'My Journey Into Authorship' I hope you enjoy the read ��
02 Feb 2021 My Journey Into Authorship - Independent Publishing

KDP Publishing was not my first choice for publishing my book. Vanity publishing for me was a definite non-starter if I can't get someone to believe in my story enough to invest time and money into it, then I wasn't going to pay someone to feed my ego, I didn't want to just be writing for no one to read but myself, friends and family, my book has a story to tell, a message to the world and I want it to be read by many.

'I want to do it properly' I thought. Find myself a literary agent who would do all the hard work for me; finding a suitable traditional publisher who was as enthusiastic about my story as I was, someone who could see the potential that I saw in it, and could take on the role of marketing, and yes... pay me for the honour! I am now able to appreciate just how hard marketing a book can be in today's market, with so many people writing books the competition is overwhelming! How do readers choose a new book to read? What are they looking for? What are their search criteria? I was at a loss!

After emailing several literary agents, sending them a synopsis of my story, an elevator pitch aimed to enthuse someone about your book in a few short minutes and the first three chapters then waiting weeks and weeks for a reply only, in the nicest possible way, to be rejected, I finally gave in.

A fellow author Comedian Lester Crabtree told me about him writing a book during lockdown about the Real Life of a Comedian 'Born To Die' he called it; he introduced me to KDP Publishing, the modern method of publishing your book widely used today. I was sceptical, but I was prepared to look into what they had to offer... Professionally published book available as an eBook, Audio Book and Paperback all to your own specifications, but under advisement of themselves and best of all NO UPFRONT COSTS TO THE AUTHOR KDP only get paid when a book is sold!

'Joan - Put On A Happy Face' by Carol M Mottershead was published Sept 2020 with the help of KDP / Amazon.

I really was unsure about publishing independently. I'd heard some negative stories about doing it yourself, that they were a waste of time, royalties were poor, which at 70% on eBook and 60% less print costs on paperback I don't think that's a bad deal myself! No upfront costs was a definite bonus too! Traditional publishers don't ask upfront costs, if anything they pay you to publish your book and recoup their money from future sales - they take the risks! Vanity publishing was one way I was 'definitely not' going to use - so KDP Publishing it was...

Personally I've found the KDP publishing to be a great help, and they will support you throughout the process of publishing without charging I might add!

Like many people, I was scared of the technology in case I pressed the wrong buttons! But KDP were supportive... and very quick to reply to my enquiries. Marketing options are available... free promo's or countdown deals and of course click to view, which personally I don't like the idea but have yet to try it... maybe!

I'd recommend KDP Publishing to anyone who has written a book and not found a traditional publisher, but not vanity publishing... only my personal choice though. :-)

Having said all that, I do recommend that you check and recheck your writing, or have edited by a professional if grammar, spelling and punctuation aren't your forte lol! To produce a published book that has loads of errors gives independently published books a bad name of being sloppy or of poor quality which will prevent potential buyers from taking a chance on purchasing books of other independent authors, which isn't fair on the rest of us who HAVE bothered to check our work!

If you're an avid reader you will enjoy my book - I hope!
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Whatever you decide - Happy Reading and remember... as Joan says
'Put On A Happy Face' - KEEP SMILING!
If nothing else you'll look younger if you smile

04 Feb 2021 My Journey Into Authorship - Where did the idea for my story come from?
Well this is a strange one to answer I wasn't looking to write a book, it sort of just happened!
Firstly, I am an Entertainment Agent, I have been since 1998 having been an entertainer myself before that. The summer of 2018 saw quite a few Punch & Judy shows being cancelled or the entertainers were being asked to change the story line for Punch & Judy by leaving out the violence - What Punch & Judy without a punch? That would be ridiculous!
One such puppeteer was Professor Brian Llewellyn. He was invited onto Good Morning Britain 28th July 2018 alongside fellow interviewee Tricia Goddard who claimed that the puppet show condoned violence - which is not true at all! For anyone who has ever listened to Judy's words will know that Judy dislikes violence, Judy dislikes any sort of naughtiness, Judy tells her audience to call her if Mr Punch is being naughty - simply everybody knows that!
'It's slapstick comedy' the Professor replied, adding that 'they're only bits of wood after all!'
Only bits of wood?! Judy would turn in her grave if she were a real person...
Well that's when the idea that Judy could be a real person started to brew in my brain. How would Judy, who is known to many puppeteers as Joan or Dame Joan to be precise, how would she feel if she heard people talking about her puppets as 'just bits of wood'!?!
Video of Interview courtesy of Professor Brian Llewellyn and BBC

03rd Mar 2021 My Journey Into Authorship - In the beginning

As an Entertainment Agent I was outrages at how many entertainers' shows were being cancelled, it wasn't fair and quite possibly bordering on illegal since any form of censorship of performances had been banished many years earlier and was supported by Queen Elizabeth II herself.
My first thought was to write to the press, but I realised that a three page rant wasn't going to be enough to grab their attention so I created a short video - Judy being interviewed by a newscaster with only her silhouette showing through a curtain lit from behind to maintain anonymity haha! Of course with her famous nose there was really no anonymity, and the video was only intended to grab the attention of the press just for its amusement value if nothing else!

04th Mar 2021  My Journey Into Authorship - Joan's story becomes a reality.
The story started to brew... every night, every day, a new thought would pop into my head. Judy the puppet, like Pinocchio the puppet, was turning into a real person!
What if the puppets used in Punch and Judy were real people? What if they had been family or friends of Joan herself? What if Joan was simply a young wife and Mother struggling with a child who constantly missed his Father putting him to bed?  How would a young wife cope? Joan needed to find a way to pacify her young child.
To begin with Joan would call upon what she knows and she knew her dolls. Joan had loved her dolls, they were her friends, in fact they were her only friends, the friends she could talk to, have adventures with... that gave her the idea of making a puppet of her baby's Father and one of Baby himself and of course her own. The could play together, go on adventures together, do all sorts of family outings together and best of all, Baby's Father could be with them to say 'Goodnight' so her baby could sleep peacefully. Later,  the puppets would grow in numbers as she added friends and new family members to their shows. Their puppet shows became their 'special time' together, Mother and son.
As Joan's son grew older she started performing their shows for the children of the other performers who travelled with them, and her puppet shows became popular; so popular that over the years other puppeteers who had seen her show began copying her shows using the same basic characters, but adding their own stories, their own adventures. The one thing they all kept in their stories was that naughty people get punished!
Joan's story always had the same message to tell the children... if you see anyone hurting someone or doing something naughty you call for Judy or you call the policemen - you TELL someone when you see someone being 'naughty'!   
Joan wanted lots and lots of children, but was blessed with only the one - whom she adored!  She often wondered why they had been unable to have more and blamed it on their immortality, for they found themselves with eternal youth and good health ever since drinking that healing potion given to them by a family friend John Dee at Calais when they were seriously injured. After that occurrence their lives were never entirely easy every again. They had lived for centuries, they had experience it all... love, laughter, happiness, but also jealousy, even murder! No one has known the real story behind the puppets, not until now, not until Joan decided to reveal the truth behind her puppet show - Punch & Judy!

05th March 2021 My Journey Into Authorship - What do I hope to achieve with my book?

The book has a simple message really. If you see anyone doing anything wrong, speak out!
Joan was restricted from speaking out because social conventions of her times and throughout the centuries has prevented her from seeking help for herself. Socially, things haven't changed for women for a very long time and even today areas of the world, areas of THIS COUNTRY, Britain, we can still see signs where abuse 'naughtiness' goes on, but as neighbours, as friends, as colleagues... we don't speak out!
My story shows a resilient young woman who overcomes many of life's challenges. Underestimated by many as being merely a woman, a daughter, a wife, a Mother, but when she finds herself alone in a world where she would be an outcast, someone to fear if they knew of her immortality... Joan finds strength by taking that first painful step towards getting help.