Workshops have become very popular of late and there are so many different ones to choose from...
Have you ever wanted to have-a-go at walking on stilts, or riding a unicycle, or just juggling? Then book one of our Circus Skills Workshops?  Make sure you book for the right age though... Primary age? you might want to juggle balloons or feathers... Teenagers or Adults? They may prefer something more challenging like slack rope, stilts or unicycles... there's something for all ages to try.
How about a Puppet Workshop instead? Puppets can be made from all sorts of materials: Cardboard, Paper, Sticks, Plates, Balloons, Cloth or many more recycleable items! Then there's the fun of putting on your very own show.
Art and Crafts more to your liking? These sort of workshops can be themed to suit all ages and all themes.  So whether you're looking for ideas for Easter? Summer holidays? Halloween? Christmas? Princess / Pirates , Kites, Knights & Dragons or many more ideas, there'll be something for everyone!
Below is just a sample list of some of our suppliers.
  • Kevin Hubery - Balloon Modelling workshop
  • Mike Smith - Magic workshop.  Balloon modelling workshop.
Glasgow (Scotland)
  • TRASH Music Workshop & Band - Workshop in making music out of trash. Turn your dustbin into a drum.  They also have a Performance TRASH band available
  • Jordan Wilcox offers Parkour / Free running workshops all over the world.  It's different.  He's unique.
  • Kates Crafts Parties are based in Manchester and provide art and craft workshops using all sorts of paper and card ideas. They can also do T-shirt painting, Glass painting, Pottery painting and many more ideas
  • BZ Ents - Bozo & Zizi offer Circus Workshops in schools to help build confidence, hand & eye co-ordination, balance etc using Juggling balls, scarves, rings & clubs; Spinning plates; Diablo's; Balancing feathers; Stilts (handheld & chinese stilts); Unicycles; Balancing board ; Balancing Poles.  They also offer Storytelling Workshops and Team Building Workshops
  • Allin & Pamela Kempthorne run Circus Workshops for all ages. Ideal for Schools, Galas, etc
  • Charles Burns - Silhouette Workshops for corporate events.  Participants pair up, and are shown the technique of how to cut a silhouette themselves.  In addition, each person taking part in the workshop receives a Silhouette for themselves cut by himself.  What a novel idea!
South Yorkshire
  • Amanda Maud-Hewlett  - Art & Craft Themed Workshops.   Recycling workshops
  • Shoestring Circus aka Richard Gillet - Circus Workshops for all ages
  • Art 4 Eternity - Art & Craft Workshops for all themes, Easter, Summer, Halloween, Christmas, Kite making, and many more fun ideas limited only by your imagination.
  • Dezzy's Designs aka Darren Cairns Themed workshops in Art & Crafts  Kites, Bugs/Insects, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Victorian, Music, Masks, Hats plus Murals, Mosaics, Cartoons and  Graphic Design
  • Defying Gravity aka Tom Rolfe - Circus Workshops includes Juggling, Pedalgoes, Plates Spinning
  • Marko's Circus aka Mark Taylor - Circus Workshops in Schools suitable for Primary or Secondary
  • Steve Ashcroft - Magic Workshops
Tyne & Wear
  • Bo Clown aka Derek Carpenter - Circus Workshops for teenagers and adults alike; includes Stilts, Unicycles, Slack Rope, Plate spinning
  • Charlie Burns aka Charlie Carpenter - Circus Workshops includes Stilts, Plates, Juggling
  • Haylee Mai Edwards - Circus workshops for all ages
  • Junk Music aka Michael Freeman - Turn junk items into musical instruments with a bit of imagination and time.  Create your own Pipes, Drums, Medieval instruments.  Learn to make music with your instruments and perform in your own junk music orchestra
West Midlands
  • Crackers the Clown provides Circus Workshops for children of all ages, in schools or family fun days.
  • Creature Encounter - Puppet Workshops, Themed Workshops
Storytelling Workshops
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Circus Workshops, Balloon Modelling Workshops, Magic Workshop, Art & Craft Workshops available for hire
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