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Vertigo Stilts


 Vertigo Stilts
Costumed Stilt Walkers
Vertigo Stilts based in Bristol travel Nationwide
Vertigo Stilts based in Bristol available for bookings Nationwide

Vertigo Stilts have a variety of costumes for just about any occasion.  Great as walkabout or mix'n'mingle.  Suitable for all types of events.  Their Themes include:
rabbit on stilts
angels on stilts (pink)Angels on stilts / Valentine Angels

These two heavenly angels have plenty of altitude, they would love to help you mend your ways & escort you to Heaven! Very striking and completely fluorescent they are equally at home on the dance floor as they are Soothing your soul with their glittery gold Harps ­ oh, if they start singing - run!  Ideal for Christmas, Valentines Day or Angels and Demons events etc
bats on stiltsBats

This particular species of bat stalks its prey. They inspect it cautiously and carefully, resulting either in an attempt to stand their ground against possible threat or sudden alarm and retreat to safer distance. They often hunt in pairs proudly, occasionally turning on each other in mock irritation. Sexy dangerous, sometimes cheeky but always prowling!  Ideal for Halloween
belly dancersBelly Dancer

Full of eastern mystique, the music and rhythm is in her blood, She jingles across the room bringing the flavour of Egypt!
bird of paradise on stiltsBirds (of Paradise)

Bright, colourful, and very striking, the birds are a spectacular addition to any environment. With their wings spread majestically, they strut around proudly. Also perfect for carnivals, they dance and sway as they get everybody smiling! Available singularly or as a pair.  Ideal for carnival themed events
Peacocks on stiltsBirds (Peacocks on Stilts)
Suitable for Birds Themed Events, Nature Themed, Woodland Themed
carmen miranda on stiltsCarmen & Carlos

The Brazilian Diva, salsas her way around any space in her south American style, high energy, she speaks English with an outrageous Portuguese accent and will shake her pineapple maracas at anyone!
Mostly accompanied by Carlos, a larger than life character. He has an eye for the ladies! He loves to serenade!  He accompanies Carmen to most of her parties and appointments. Together or separately they are a walking party!  Two Carmens also available!  Ideal for carnival themed events
catwalk stilt walkersCatwalk
Bright, colourful and very striking !
christmas trees walkaboutChristmas Tree (White Christmas Tree)

At nine feet tall, this tree would like to find a nice living room tall enough for her for the big day - especially one with presents to surround her!  Teresa has blue fairy lights and baubles all over and is crowned with a beautiful big silver star! Ideal for Christmas events
cinderella & prince charming on stiltsCinderella & Prince Charming

Cinderella has always wanted to have fun like her sisters, thanks to her Fairy Godmother she is a very happy girl!  Prince Charming is enchanted to meet this lovely creature.  Charming is hoping to meet his future wife so hed love to meet all the lovely ladies just in case!
clowns on stiltsClowns / Classy Clowns - Circus Theme

What a pair of clowns! They communicate in mime and carry huge Windmills  to blow on . Who knows what will come out of their pockets next!  Great with kids!  For added impact - balloon modeling is also available.
Cowgirls on stiltsCowgirls - Cowboy and Indian Theme

Yeehaw!  These two sexy fillies have lost their herd, but they aren’t too othered - In that laid back ountry way!  They would rather have fun with you and just keep an eye out for those pesky cows! Trigger happy, Calamity Kate and Casey Lee are always quick on the draw!
cyber vixen on stiltsCyber Vixen

She’s a top cyber-chick!  Armed with her laser weapon, Astrid patrols the Galaxy, constantly in touch with her ships computer, Zelda.  Although she is a member of the Cyber Security Core this social butterfly loves to extend her hospitality skills to any occasion!  She spends so much time combating.  Dissident rebels, the chance to let her hair down is wholehearted  Idea for nightclubs, corporate functions, space themed events
Dragon flies on stiltsDragonflies - Nature Theme

Flora and her sister lilly love hovering about looking beautiful! They loves to chatter away about riverbanks, blue skies.  And the great outdoors! They have a little phobia of butterfly nets and frogs but love to tickle you pink!  Ideal for Ugly Bug Balls, Nature or Woodland events
elf on stiltsElves (Christmas Elves)

Sent by Santa to take those last orders in time for Christmas eve.  Spritely, perky and enthusiastic, they work hard at the North Pole and really appreciate the opportunity to meet the public!  Great on their own, together, or with any other Christmas character.  Balloon modelling can be a great addition! Ideal for Christmas, Woodland themed events
christmas fairy on stiltsFairy on stllts with Christmas Tree

Beautiful fairy Saphire loves to grant wishes to all who believe in fairies!  She can be accompanied by her friend Teresa , a sparkly white Christmas tree!  This tree would like to find a nice living room tall enough for her for the big day - especially one with presents to surround her!  Saphire's wand lights up bright blue with its magic and Teresa has blue fairy lights all over! Ideal for Christmas events etc
floral couple on stiltsFlowers / Floral couple

Jasmin and Mo spend their time pottering around, mo likes to keep in trim! Covered in flowers and carrying flying bees, they wear flowerpots on their heads and sport the latest in astro turf !  Suitable for Garden Shows, Floral Themed Events, Easter Events, Springtime Events
lily on stiltsFlowers / Lily flower on Stilts / Water Lily on Stilts
Ideal for Garden Festvals, Themed events of all sorts
geisha stilt walkersGeishas

Nine foot tall these graceful Japanese beauties glide in traditional Kimonos, occasionally giggling behind decorative fans. They bow courteously in polite greeting, enigmatically they twirl their rice paper parasols, always with the poise and serenity of ancient Japan.
geisha & samurai on stiltsGeisha & Samurai

This Japanese couple are as traditional as possible. As A Samurai he carries a Katana sword and fans, has his face painted in kabuki style and at nine foot tall he is a proud figure!  As a geisha, she is graceful as she glides in a traditional Kimono, occasionally giggling behind a decorative fan.  They both bow courteously in polite authentic greeting.  Ideal for Japanese, Oriental, Eastern events
hostess on stiltsHostesses

Let these two lovelies look after you and your guests! With legs up to your armpits, dazzling smiles and witty reparte they are an outstanding addition anywhere!  Ideal for night clubs, corporate functions.
 jack frost on stiltsJack Frost

He dances about at night, while all are sleeping, leaving traces of frost glistening in the daylight!  He’s a naughty Sprite! Very elegant, quirky and enchanting Jack is an eyecatching addition to any Christmas event!  Can be paired with the Ice Queen for double impact! Ideal for Christmas, Fire & Ice events etc
gallant knights on horsebackKnights  / Gallant Knights

The clash of arms and shouts of noble insults often precedes the arrival of the chivalrous Knights of Wuthering.  By sword, shield, lance or mace they will defend the honour of any passing maiden.  Their
noble steeds are ready to do battle, whether jousting or questing for fierce monsters.  If a gauntlet needs throwing down, these are the men to do it.  As general entertainment they are hysterically amusing as they have slapstick fights using all methods fair and foul walloping each other with sword or mace!
They were a great hit at the premiere of ‘Scooby Doo 2’  Available on foot or mounted. Horses are equipped with sound effects and are electrically powered.
lobsters on stiltsLobsters on stilts 
There’s a nip in the air!  The Lobsters come in any combination, as couple Claude and Shelly,
or two sexy lady lobsters, Sandy & Marina!  They are at home anywhere! Perfect for any aquatic themed event! Ideal for Seaside, Underwater, Under the sea themed events.
Lord of the rings stilt walkersLord Of The Rings - Film Themes

Add a touch of magic with these Elvish characters! Well they are tree elves!  Galadriel is Queen of Lothlorien & Lady of the Golden Wood' She is Bearer of Nenya, Ring of Adamant, one of the three Elven Rings.  Legolas a Sindarin elf of the woodland realm, was chosen to represent the Elves in the Fellowship.  Ideal for film themes, Fairy, Woodland themed events etc
mermaids on stiltsMermaids / Sirens

The Sirens of the deep, mysterious and enigmatic. These Water sprites
are interested in everything in this strange dry land!
Great together or with Neptune!
Ideal for Seaside, Underwater, Under the sea themed event, Parades, etc
Mermaids on SeahorsesMermaids on Seahorses (motorised)
Ideal for Seaside, Underwater, Under the sea themed event, Parades, etc
neptune on stiltsNeptune

Neptune, the king of the Sea!  Dressed in iridescent robes, he’s here to find out what these strange mortals are up to!  He can be accompanied by a mermaid or two!  Ideal for Seaside, Underwater, Under the sea themed event, Parades, etc
medieval princess on stiltsPrincess (Medieval Princess)

Oh will the lovely princess Hightower ever find her prince?  She remains ever hopeful!  She is graceful and terribly polite, Welcome to her kingdom!
rabbit on stiltsRabbits

Nibbles loves carrots to keep her lovely white fur looking good, Her advice to young people – plenty of carrots!  She can see in the dark too!  Mr Twitch also available in his lovely check waistcoat with pocket watch! Ideal for Easter or Spring themed event


Mr & Mrs BunnyMr and Mrs Bunny:
Bright eyed and fluffy tailed these frisky Bunnies wont go down the rabbit hole and disappear!
They are always keen to encourage kids to eat carrots! But just remember - Rabbits are certainly not just for Easter!

Great for Meet'n'greet, Corporate, Kids Parties, Family Fun Days
reindeer on stiltsReindeers on stilts (Rudolph on stilts)

Ever enthusiastic, Santas reindeer want to make sure the sleigh won't get too heavy - should you want something weighty for Christmas, you can always bribe them with the promise of a carrot left out on Christmas Eve! Ideal for Christmas, Woodland themed events etc
rock'n'rollers on stiltsRock around the clock

These Rock n rollers can really jive! Ideal for 50s or Rock and Roll themed events
sailors on stiltsSailors

Aye aye Cap'n! These sailors are looking to recruit some crew to sail around the world!
geisha & samurai on stiltsSamurai & Geisha

This Japanese couple are as traditional as possible. As A Samurai he carries a Katana sword and fans, has his face painted in kabuki style and at nine foot tall he is a proud figure!  As a geisha, she is graceful as she glides in a traditional Kimono, occasionally giggling behind a decorative fan.  They both bow courteously in polite authentic greeting.  Ideal for Japanese, Oriental, Eastern events
school girl on stiltsSchool themed / Back to School

Saucy school girl - St Trinians style! She chews gum flicks paper, moody with authority (School Head) and sassy with every body else!  The School Head will stop people running in the hall, tell them to smarten themselves up and suggest they go to class!
showgirls on stiltsShowgirls on stilts by Vertigo
Suitable for Moulin Rouge Themed Events, Las Vegas, Red Themed Events, Nightclubs, Corporate functions.
Snow Queen on StiltsSnow Queen on Stilts

She's an evil magical majesty!  She sparkles and gleams in her beautiful icey gown!  H er fingers , long and spiky, her wand emanating a bright blue glow, Queen Iciana glides across the space addressing her subjects.  The Ice Queen works very well with Jack Frost. Ideal for Christmas or Fire and Ice events etc
space trooper on stiltsSpace Trooper

He's out to save the Galaxy.  His plan is to save our planet from very tall aliens!  Our Hero!  His partner the Cyber Vixen is also available!  Ideal for Scifi, Futuristic, Nightclub event, Corporate functions
top hat & tails stilt walkersTop Hat n Tails

Two sexy sparklers to add pazazz to any event.  These glamorous girls are definitely putting on the Ritz. Sensationally holographic they are simply eye catching  Ideal for night clubs, corporate functions etc  Ideal for night clubs, moulin rouge events
uv costumes on stiltsUV Costumes / White Fluro

Two party people in bright UV costumes to brighten any party, they dance the night away!  full of energy, they love to have fun!  Ideal for nightclubs
Full list of costumes available are:
Angels, Art deco, Ballet Dancers, Bats, Belly Dancers, Birds, Bollywood, Bright red lobsters, Bumble Bees, Cactus, Carmen Mirandas with pineapple maracas, Catwalk Chic, Christmas Crackers, Christmas Tree (green), Christmas Trees (white), Cinderella & Prince Charming on unicorn (motorised), , Classy Clowns, Clowns, Cowgirls, Crocodile Hunters, Cupids, Day at the races, Designer Couple, Dragonflies (Bright Pink), Eliza Doolittle & Dr Henry Higgins, Elves, Evil Enchantress, Fairies (Pink), Fairy (Black), Fairies Ice), Fairy Godmother, Father Christmas, Fifties Teddy boy & girl, Fire Princesses, Flowers (astro turf), Flowers (Tropical), Flowers (Orchid), Flowers (Cactus), Flowers (Bird of paradise), Flowers (Water lily), Fluro, Geishas, Ghosts (Victorian Couple), Gorilla, Headmaster & School girl, Hippy captured by Gorilla, Hostesses, Ice Fairies, Ice Queen, Ice Sprites, Irish Leprecorns, Jack Frost, Jockey (horseracing) on stilts, Jockey on horseback (motorised), King of Hearts, Knights of the realm on stilts, Knights of the realm statues, Knight on horseback (motorised), Lobsters, Lord of the rings, Magician & assistant, Masked ball, Masquerade, Matador & Bull, Medieval Princess, Mr & Mrs Meadows (Grass couple), Mermaid, Mermaid on Seahorse, Monkeys & Organgrinders, Neptune on seahorse (motorised), Nurses, Old ladies, Orchid, Pink Flamingoes, Pirates, Pirate ship (14') manned by pirates / sailors, Police, Prince Charming & Cinderella, Prince Charming & Damsel on unicorn (motorised), Princess (Mediaeval), Queen of Hearts, Rabbits, Red indians, RReindeers, obot, Rudolphs, Sailors (Blue & White), Sailors (Pink), Samurais, Santa, School girl & Headmaster, Seahorse (motorised), Seaside Bathers,  Top hat and tails (Black or Holographic or Red or Sequinned or Silver), Sexy Cyber, Showgirls, Sixties Biba, Snowman, Snowlady, Sorcerers, Space sprites, Squirrels (bouncy squirrels), Statues Art Deco, Sugar plum fairies, Surgeons, Teddy boy & girl, Unicorns (motorised), Water lily, Wise old Oak tree, Witches,