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Joan: Put On A Happy Face by Carol M Mottershead
[Entertainment Agent]
Everyone thought they knew Joan 'a shrew' they would say, but she wasn't always like that. If she were a shrew, it was because he turned her into one!
Joan was young and in love. She wanted her life, her marriage, to be happier than that of her parents. She wanted lots and lots of children. She didn't want any child of hers to feel the loneliness that she had felt, but fate had other ideas.
Her Father killed during a battle at Calais on route to England, her family seriously injured, she had only one option - to take the potion offered to her, but there were consequences to her choice - immortality!
[Singer & Actor]
Early evening on Saturday 13th September 1958, Cliff Richard and The Drifters appeared on ITV's pop show Oh Boy!, electrifying living rooms across the nation with their now legendary performance of 'Move It'. Overnight, the 17-year-old Elvis fan with big dreams became a real-life teen idol, and Britain had their first rock'n'roll star. A new chapter had started in the history of music.
Over sixty years later, with a hit in every decade since over 250 million record sales, Cliff Richard performs live to sell-out audiences with continued success as a recording artist, while era-defining pop stars have come and gone.
Now in his autobiography, Cliff takes us back to 1950s post-War London, where he exploded out of the skiffle scene with his unique new sound. From there he is catapulted into the centre of the British film industry, and goes on to conquer Saturday-night TV.  We go behind the scenes on West End musicals, and around the world with him on tour.
Cliff Richard is one of the biggest-selling artists of all time, and he has achieved that while always following his own path, on his own terms. Here he tells his story in his own words, through the toughest times he has faced, to the biggest dreams that came true.
Curtain Seldom Up by Colin Bower
[Actor & After Dinner Speaker] -
You will love his tales of a jobbing actor treading the boards of theatres and TV studios up and down the country, as well as his spooky stories. He has experienced visitations from ghosts and apparitions, and humorous, if sometimes confusing announcements from this side while travelling - 'Here is an announcement for passengers travelling in coach H; your loudspeaker system is not working!' Colin's acting career has taken him around the world and his experiences range from being involved in high budget TV shows and movies to small theatre productions . Colin has hosted several popular radio shows, and today can often be found sailing the seven seas giving the hilarious talks on which this book is based.

Born to Die: The Real Life of a Comedian by Lester Crabtree
Did you hear the one about the naughty kid who became a comedian? In this book you will learn that despite a lot of efforts from the powers that be and my own outrageous behaviour for me to not even exist in this life, I actually, through blood, sweat and tears, have survived to tell the tale.
I know we all dream of having the perfect child, but I was far from this. In fact I was a mischievous daredevil who would do anything for a laugh and some pocket money to buy a packet of fags. In layman terms, as a kid, I was a little sh*t, as you will discover in the early chapters.
You will see that my early life, a far from normal start, paved the way for me to take stupidity and danger into my life as a comedian and entertainer.
Outside of the armed forces and emergency services, I think I've taken more abuse, both verbally and physically, than is expected in the workplace, and I will share those times with you, because nobody wants to hear just the stories with a happy ending, you want to hear the nitty gritty right?
Well that's exactly what you'll get in this book. You'll get stories about me getting my head kicked in and hospitalised all because of one joke, hilarious tales of what it's like on the road, and how as a comedian we deal with hecklers.
I'll also share some amazing anecdotes from some of my fellow comics and entertainers, complete with untold stories about Freddie Starr, Chubby Brown, John Bishop, Bobby Davro, Duncan Norvelle, Bernard Manning and many others.
When covid-19 struck, it ripped away my ability and passion to entertain people, so I decided I wasn't going to sit around and wait for audiences to come back to me. So here I bring it to you. The Real Life of a Comedian. Not for the faint hearted!
Women are like Cats & Men are like Dogs: or are they by Kat Brown
[aka Sheyla Bonnick, Singer with Sounds of Boney M]
Life is too short to live it miserably. One of the worst ways of  making your life unproductive is the endless misunderstandings and mis-handling of one another, whether intentionally or not.
If you study the behaviour of Cats and Dogs you will doubtlessly see some similarities and this book subtly shows that. This book is an observation of how Men and Women exchange with each other, pointing out obvious mistakes and offering suggestions to improve people's relationships.
Take for example the woman who says to her partner 'We need to talk'. That's one of the biggest no no's, or women already making appointment with a wedding planner just after a one night of passion, or the woman who spends hours gossiping with her girlfriend in her man's ear shot, or indeed the man who brings back a size too large for his woman or who never notices a new hairstyle or both not communicating properly. The list is endless...
It should have most readers in hysterics especially when they stumble upon scenarios they can relate too.
Don't be surprised if you recognize yourself!
Hey... don't shoot the messenger!

For a Sneak Preview CLICK HERE 

I Know What You Did! by Toni Marie Curry
[Childrens Entertainer]
All Toni ever wanted was to get to the truth, as she desperately needed to know what actually happened to her Father's remains following the funeral home taking possession of his body, on that fateful day in question. She soon discovered the dangers of blind trust, once the funeral home finally revealed to her what they had actually done to her Father! Her Father's death was just the beginning of the horrific events that were soon to unfold before her. Will she ever get to the truth or will the funeral home's secret remain hidden forever...

Deadly Consequences: Stalked By An Online Predator by Toni Marie Curry [ex-Childrens Entertainer]

I was inspired to write this book to create more awareness to all unsuspecting parents, guardians and caregiver's alike, by making you all fully aware that there are real dangers out there to leaving your child or children with unfettered access to the internet, due to the fact that there are online sexual predators lurking in the background everywhere.
The contents of this book are based on three differing families real life testimonial, whose lives have been so horrifically and tragically touched by some of these despicable online predators, amalgamated together to form one short 'hard-hitting' story.
This book is not suitable for everyone to read due to its graphic nature, detailing real life testimonials of incidences of barbaric rape, torture, grooming, stalking, physical abuse and murder.
It is definitely not suitable for those under 18 years of age, or for those who are easily offended.
You have been warned!
Let The Grieving Process Begin - My Poetic Journey by Toni Marie Curry
[ex-Childrens Entertainer]
This poetry book is based on the true horrific story of 'I Know What You Did!'. It takes you on a twelve month journey into the grieving mind of the author,  clearly showing you the struggles of her living through a phase of complicated grief.
Tales From The Shore and More by Peter Monk
[Storyteller / Musician]
These tales I tell are old, therefore, should be told if wished to last, beside some flickering fireside nook as winter mantles a once babbling brook somewhere in the vales and dales of our fair Albion.
No Sneak Preview available just the ISBN: 978-1-5272-3653-0
One Picture Two Hearts by Christy Goss
[Entertainment Agent]
A love story set in the mid-1990's, before social networks and when mobile phones were a rarity. A slower time, when thoughts could linger a while, delight see med to last longer and despair more deep. We spend some time with Amy, who has a strong sense of what is right, and indeed wrong for her, traits readers will quickly associate with.
A situation develops where beautiful people show their true colours, with all the hues of human nature rearing its head. Long standing feelings are challenged by immediately available pleasures and where shallow desires and  misunderstandings lay a trap.
The story begins its life in a small fishing town in England, and travels to  London, Florida, New York and Canada, and each place adds a little of its own international character as the story develops, but the interplay travels with the characters, and grows to a crescendo as the travels continue; until finally, it is time to go home and face whatever awaits.
A Hard Road To Nowhere: The Blitzkrieg Bop by John Hodgson
[Punk Band Vocalist]
A detailed account of the Punk Band Blitzkrieg Bop by vocalist John Hodgson aka Blank Frank. This UK based Punk Band rattled around the UK from 1977 to 1979 and although the band made records and embarked on a national tour, things went wrong more of ten than right. This s tory typifies the struggles and shattered dreams of a million bands that have shone brightly and faded away over the years.