Entertainers who write...
 Books are Entertainment Too!
The Non-Essential Worker: A Comedian in Lockdown
The Dreamer by Cliff Richard
 Joan: Put On A Happy Face by Carol M Mottershead
Born to die by Lester Crabtree
Women are like cats, Men are like dogs, or are they? by Kat Brown
I Know What You Did! by Toni Marie Curry
Effective Influences by Duncan Stevens
Deadly Consequences by Toni Marie Curry
One Picture Two Hearts by Christy Goss
Let the grieving process begin by Toni Marie Curry

Tales From The Shore and More by Peter Monk

Cleansing the doors of perception by Brenda Diskin

A Hard Road To Nowhere - The Blitzkrieg Bop Story by John Hodgson

When spirit calls - you answer by Brenda Diskin

Curtain Seldom Up by Colin Bower

A little bit of mind body and soul by Brenda Diskin

Nostalgic Nosh by Brenda Diskin

A little bit of spirit by Brenda Diskin

A little bit of soul by Brenda Diskin

The undisciplined witch by Brenda Diskin