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'JOAN - Put On A Happy Face'
Carol M Mottershead
Fantasy > Paranormal > Historical Biographical Fiction > Romance Literary Fiction
'Joan - Put On A Happy Face' rated #1 BEST SELLER in Historical Biographical Fiction  
- 'It's a real page turner!'

Joan's son missed his Father putting him to bed at night so Joan decided to make Father into a puppet' so she could tell her son stories about his Father, create adventures that the whole family could be part of, eventually even adding their friends - her son loved them - it became a special time for Mother and son!

As time went on, Joan began to share her shows with the other children and her shows became so popular that other puppeteers began telling similar stories, all with the same basic characters, but all different in their own ways and at first Joan was pleased that her stories were entertaining so many children, for Joan loved children, but she herself had been blessed with only the one... her Nicholas, who she adored!

What people don't know is that Joan and her family are immortal. Their lives have not been entirely easy, for over the centuries they have experienced it all... laughter, love, happiness yes, but also jealousy... even murder! No one has known their real story until now. Joan has decided it is time to reveal the story behind her puppet show - the 'real' story behind 'Punch and Judy'!

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