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Murder by Design
Murder Mystery
Murder Mysteries by Murder by Design Co Durham

Murder Mysteries by Murder by Design from Co Durham available for bookings
Gangsters & Molls Theme
A night of mystery and intrigue in the uninhibited and romantic era of the roaring 20s!
Characters such as:
Don Shoot, Tommy Gun, Lotta Cash and others could make the night go with a bang.
A tense game of cards could soon end with a deck of victims. ill it end up with a Flush amount of suspects? Or will the Don finally demand the ultimate and ask to see everyone's hand.
With murder on the menu, you are certain to find a medley of individuals to make the night most memorable.
From chief mobstery and their molls to the chic singer with her hopes at Hollywood, no one is safe from murder...
but the audience will witness, interrogate and have a chance at solving it. 
Could you be the next Poirot? Or will someone get away with MURDER.

Other bespoke themes by design are available upon request.